Returned & Services League of Australia

City of Wollongong RSL Sub-Branch


Click on the links below to review more details from the Illawarra Remembers website and also the Service Records for Servicemen listed as KIA on the Wollongong Cenotaph

PrivateArchibald Aitken08 May 1916France22NODE 987AITKEN.-A.M
SergeantWilfred Appleby20 September 1917Belgium22NODE 7APPLEBY.-W.L
PrivateGeorge Austin15 May 1917Bullecourt, France22NODE 2595AUSTIN.-G.R
PrivateRobert Barnet27 August 1916France21NODE 2225BARNET.-R.J.M
PrivateDavid Blake04 February 1917France27NODE 3513BLAKE-D
PrivateFred Brady15 November 1916Flers, France28NODE 2851BRADY-F.G
PrivateWilliam Brownlee27 September 1917Zonnebeke, Belgium21NODE 957BROWNLEE-W-H
PrivateCharles Buckeridge07 August 1915Lone Pine, Gallipoli23NODE 1495BUCKERIDGE-C.S
PrivateEdward Cawe26 July 1916Pozieres, France16NODE 1158CAWE-E.S
PrivateEdward Chopping25 September 1917Pozieres, France24NODE 1233CHOPPING-S.D
SergeantReubin Clout11 August 1916France23NODE 2402CLOUT-E.P
PrivatePatrick Collings14 November 1916Flers, France23NODE 1589COLLINGS-R
PrivateArthur Condon24 September 1917Belgium32NODE 1880CONDON-P.H
Lance CorporalWilliam Copas04 July 1918Hamel, France30NODE 2403COPAS-A.T
PrivateThomas Croft22 August 1918France28NODE 3174CROFT-W
PrivateThomas Cullen11 April 1917Bullecourt, France39NODE 3175CULLEN-T-H
PrivateGeorge Dawson02 May 1915Gallipoli23NODE 2092DAWSON-G
PrivateWilliam Downey06 August 1915Lone Pine, Gallipoli29NODE 1990DOWNEY-W
PrivateJohn Eagleton03 October 1915Wollongong18NODE 2209EAGLETON-J-I
PrivateWilliam Edwards29 August 1916Pozieres, France27NODE 2672EDWARDS-W-G
PrivateDavid Evans20 September 1917France27NODE 2675EVANS-D
LieutenantFrancis Faddy03 May 1915Gallipoli21NODE 247FADDY-F-H
PrivateCharles Fell06 August 1915Lone Pine, Gallipoli24NODE 1623FELL-C-F-R
LieutenantRonald Finlayson05 November 1916Flers, France25NODE 1588FINLAYSON-R-B
PrivateJohn Frazer19 May 1915Valletta, Malta27NODE 1097FRASER-J-R
PrivateAlexander Frew02 April 1917France25NODE 1634FREW-A-S
PrivateJames Gough07 August 1915Lone Pine, Gallipoli32NODE 1925GOUGH-J
PrivateJohn Hannon04 February 1917Somme, France 27NODE 3257HANNON-J
PrivateOscar Hart22 July 1916Pozieres, France28NODE 1624HART-O-H
MajorArnold Hosking20 September 1917Passchendaele, Belgium26NODE 2890HOSKING-A-K
PrivateCharles Irwin16 October 1916Belgium19NODE 155IRWIN-C-D
PrivateHarold Isedale04 July 1918France20NODE 2701ISEDALE-H-I
PrivateArthur Jones08 August 1916Pozieres, France24NODE 3180JONES-A-E
Company Quartermaster SergeantAlban Kirby19 August 1916Pozieres, France23NODE 2917KIRBY-A-H
PrivateAlbert Lowe20 July 1916Flers, France20NODE 2421LOWE-A-E
PrivateJames Lynch31 August 1918Clery, France24NODE 3188LYNCH-J-J
PrivateLachlan MacPherson29 August 1918Peronne, France19NODE 3212MACPHERSON-L-C-L
SergeantRobert McClelland26 April 1915Gallipoli20NODE 2121McCLELLAND-R-J
Company Sergeant MajorRobert McIntosh16 October 1917Belgium28NODE 942McINTOSH-R-M
PrivateCharles McKinley05 October 1917Passchendaele, Belgium41NODE 3294McKINLEY-C
PrivateHenry McNair26 September 1917Polygon Wood, Belgium22NODE 1640MCNAIR-H-W
PrivateWilliam McNair27 August 1915Suvla Bay31NODE 1643MCNAIR-W
SergeantJohn McPherson08 May 1917France29NODE 8406MCPHERSON-J
PrivateNorman Mintorn30 June 1915Egypt20NODE 1297MINTORN-N-F
SergeantJohn Mitchell08 October 1917Passchendaele, Belgium23NODE 818MITCHELL-J-R
PrivateChristopher Moore03 October 1917Passchendaele, Belgium31NODE 2213MOORE-C-G
PrivatePritchard Morgan25 May 1918France18NODE 3459MORGAN-P-L
PrivateReginald Morris22 July 1916France19NODE 114MORRIS-R-R
PrivateRaymond Murray20 July 1916Fromelles, France22NODE 3467MURRAY-R-G
LieutenantWilliam Noble19 July 1916Fromelles, France22NODE 2422NOBLE-W-E
SergeantEdwin Oberg14 May 1918Corbie, France33NODE 1874OBERG-E-T
2nd LieutenantPercy Owen22 September 1917Passchendaele, Belgium27NODE 1497OWEN-P-I
Lance SergeantArchibald Pawley07 October 1919Adelaide30NODE 3788PAWLEY-A-H
PrivateRichard Piercey20 April 1916France27NODE 1698PIERCEY-R
TrooperClaude Pountney16 August 1915Lone Pine, Gallipoli22NODE 1974POUNTNEY-C-H
PrivateRupert Quist19 July 1916Fromelles, France21NODE 1235QUIST-R-G
SergeantClarence Redman26 September 1917Polygon Wood, Belgium25NODE 3128REDMAN-C-S
PrivateJames Ring20 November 1917Messines, Belgium39NODE 2315RING-J-A
PrivateWilliam Ring03 May 1917Bullecourt, France32NODE 2314RING-W-E
PrivateAlbert Roberts29 September 1918England28NODE 2544ROBERTS-A-W
PrivateWilliam Robertson19 July 1916Fromelles, France22NODE 1294ROBERTSON-W-H
PrivateJoseph Robinson07 June 1917Messines, Belgium29NODE 2626ROBINSON-J
PrivateFrederick Spinks26 July 1916Pozieres, France20NODE 1343SPINKS-F-K
PrivateWilliam Stapleton06 June 1916France24NODE 1204STAPLETON-W
PrivateMatthew Tubman22 January 1917France19NODE 812TUBMAN-M
PrivateEdwin White25 June 1917France22NODE 2423WHITE-E-J
PrivateAlexander Whitford09 August 1915Lone Pine, Gallipoli24NODE 1978WHITFORD-A
PrivateCharles Wishaw20 September 1917Menin Road, Belgium24NODE 2355WISHAW-C






Reservation: A reservation is only confirmed upon receipt of a deposit or payment in full. The deposit amount may vary based on the duration and type of bus required.

Cancellation: If the booking is cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure time, the customer will forfeit the deposit paid. If the cancellation is made more than 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure time, the deposit will be refunded minus a cancellation fee.

Payment: Payment can be made via credit card, bank transfer or cheque. Payment in full is required at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure time.

Changes: Any changes to the reservation must be made at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. Changes made after this time may incur additional charges.

RSL Sub-Branch Members: If the customer is a member of an RSL Sub-Branch, there will be no fee payable for hiring the bus. Proof of membership may be required to waive the fee.

Driver’s Hours: The driver’s hours are regulated by law and cannot be exceeded. The itinerary must be planned with these regulations in mind. Additional driver/s may be required for longer journeys, and this will be charged accordingly.

Responsibility: The customer is responsible for any damage to the vehicle caused by their negligence or the negligence of their guests. The customer is also responsible for the behaviour of their guests and will be liable for any damage caused by them.

Cleaning: The customer is responsible for the cleanliness of the vehicle at the end of the trip.

Additional cleaning charges may apply if the vehicle is returned in a dirty condition.

Smoking and Alcohol: Smoking and the consumption of alcohol are not permitted on the bus.

Limitations: The vehicle hired is subject to certain limitations regarding weight, height, and length. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is suitable for their requirements.

Insurance: The vehicle is covered by comprehensive insurance. However, personal belongings are not covered by the insurance policy.

Insurance Excess: The vehicle is covered by comprehensive insurance, which includes an excess fee in the event of an accident. If the driver is at fault in an accident, they will be responsible for paying the excess fee. The excess fee may vary depending on the circumstances of the accident. The customer may be required to pay an additional fee to cover any damages that exceed the insurance excess.

Termination of Hire: The sub-Branch reserves the right to terminate the hire if the customer or their guests behave in a manner that is deemed to be unacceptable or dangerous.

Force Majeure: The sub-Branch is not liable for any failure or delay in performing its obligations due to events beyond its control, including but not limited to acts of God, natural disasters, war, strikes, and government actions.

Jurisdiction: These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction where the company is located.